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Winter Protection Packages

With winter on it's way, now is a good time to protect your car from the harshest of weather, and also to keep it looking good through the 

winter period.

A winter protection package is the best way to help protect your vehicle from the cold weather, ice, snow, and road salt that can be harmful 

to your cars bodywork.

A winter protection valet consists of:

  • Pre wash to loosen dirt and grime with a traffic film remover
  • Vehicle is then treated with a snowfoam wash and rinse
  • Washed with a high quality shampoo
  • Vehicle treated with a clay bar to remove contaminants
  • Tar spots removed
  • All door shuts cleaned
  • Vehicle dried with ultra drying towel
  • Alloy wheels cleaned and sealant applied
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior glass polished and rain repellent applied
  • Long lasting sealant applied giving up to 12 months protection

The cost of a winter protection package is £70. Why not add an interior valet for an extra £30, and really finish the vehicle off.